Whether you’ve already gone to the sauna, or you’re about to go for the first time, we’re sure that there are some questions that you would like answered.

Fear not, here are some rules and tips to get the most out of your sauna experience!

Just a few minutes in the sauna is enough to improve your circulation, speed up your metabolism and regenerate your skin.

Before going to the sauna, these 5 things you should know:

1. Types of saunas

There are “dry” (Finnish, Russian and infrared) and “wet” saunas (steam, Turkish bath – hammam).

Which one you will decide depends solely on what you prefer.

Finnish sauna – The temperature varies  from 70 to 100C, with air humidity from 10 to 15% , the reason why it is called a “dry sauna”. It is heated with the help of electric stoves with volcanic stones, a small amount of water (2 dcl) is poured over the stones in order to get more steam, which further promotes sweating and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Russian Sauna – Also falls under the “dry type” and is similar to the Finnish sauna. The temperature varies from 90 to 110 C, with a low humidity of 5 to 15%.

Infrared sauna – Many people opt for the infrared sauna, because it is not as “strong” as the Finnish and Russian saunas, and the effects are just as good. The temperature reaches from 50 to 60 C, while the heating of the space and the body is achieved with infrared rays.

Steam bath (Turkish bath – hammam) belongs to saunas with very high air humidity – up to 100%. As for the temperature, it goes from 40 to 50 C. The interior also contributes to the enjoyment of the steam bath. The steam baths are made of mosaics, the benches are rounded and at a pleasant temperature for sitting and lying down. Inside you can find a fountain or a hose for spraying cold water. Steam baths are especially recommended for respiratory problems, cough, hoarseness and painful joints. Many people also use body scrubs to exfoliate their skin while staying in steam baths.

Steam bath

2. Before entering the sauna

Do not use the sauna if you are taking medications that interfere with your body’s ability to regulate temperature or medications that make you sleepy.

If you are pregnant, check with your doctor whether you can use the sauna and in what way.

What bothers many people is whether to go to the sauna before or after the swimming pool. In fact, the only rule is that you enter the sauna with clean, showered and preferably dry skin.

You can go to the swimming pool first, but it is necessary to dry well afterwards, before entering the sauna, so that the sweating effect starts earlier and is stronger.

Drink at least one full glass of water before and after using the sauna to avoid dehydration.

3. In the sauna itself

You should not enter the sauna in slippers, but for hygienic reasons, of course, it is allowed.

Entering in clothes, the swimsuit, has always been a topic of discussion. It’s actually much healthier not to be in a bathing suit, since it’s not very good to sweat in artificial materials. At the spa centres you will receive your large cotton towel in which you can wrap yourself or even a bathrobe. You can also take two towels and wrap yourself in one and lie on the other. However, if you don’t feel comfortable being so exposed, wearing a bathing suit is definitely an option.

It is also important to adapt to the temperature. It is recommended that you sit for at least two minutes on the lower benches, where the temperature is lower, and then, if you wish, move to a higher bench.

We know it’s modern times, but you shouldn’t bring mobile phones, smart watches, music devices and the like into the sauna, as well as jewelry and newspapers. Maybe it wouldn’t have occurred to you, but newspapers can release lead when heated, which is very dangerous for our body, while all devices, due to the high temperature, could either burn you or break down.

The total time spent in the sauna should not exceed 10 to 15 minutes.

4. After using the sauna

After using the sauna, be sure to take a break. Cool down in the shower, or in a barrel of cold water, and then you can also use the swimming pool. When you’re done cooling down, put on a bathrobe and rest for a few minutes, after which you can go back to the sauna and repeat the whole process.

Some spa users of the like to combine massage and sauna. If you have decided to go for a massage, it is recommended that the sauna is used before taking a massage, but you can also use the infrared sauna for a short time after the massage, considering that it is much milder compared to the other saunas.

5. How frequently should you use saunas for visible effects

Whenever you go to the sauna, there is no doubt that relaxation is guaranteed for that day. You will feel more rested, relaxed and relieved, and your skin will be smooth and refreshed.

However, in order to have long-term effects, it is recommended that you visit the sauna at least twice a week.