Benefits for club members

As a member of the Saruna Wellness family, numerous benefits await you:

Discounts on massages and facial treatments
Discount on personal trainings
Weekly promotions

Skyline Fitness

Saruna Wellness Skyline centre offers a spacious studio for group and individual fitness programs. This premium fitness program is led by our experienced, certified trainers. Regardless of your age or whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser, you will easily be able to reach your desired goal. All of the exercises are adapted to the individual and his abilities.

Saruna Wellness Skyline in collaboration with Kang Fitness Lab

Studio concept of exercise that awaits you at the KANG gym is the opposite of commercial gyms. The studio concept of exercise has been represented in the world for a long time and has proven to be an excellent and premium approach to clients, which implies exercise without crowds, organised exclusively with experienced and educated personal trainers.

6 months ( 60 sessions ) – 75.600 RSD
12 months ( 120 sessions ) – 127.200 RSD

Personal trainings –
Kang Fitness Lab

It is also possible to take one individual fitness training, exclusively with a personal trainer at a price of 3,500 RSD. Packages of 10 sessions can be used within a period of 35 days. Packages of 20 sessions can be used within a period of 65 days. The Exclusive package is unlimited in time.

Personal trainer 1:1
10 sessions – 31.200 RSD
20 sessions – 57.600 RSD
Personal trainer 2:1
10 sessions – 52.800 RSD
20 sessions – 96.800 RSD
Personal trainer 1:1 Exclusive
10 sessions – 43.200 RSD

Free test training

Our Fitness Manager will answer all your additional questions and schedule you a trial training session.

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