Team Building / Event

Today, every strong company in the world regularly organizes team building for their employees. Although until about ten years ago in our region was completely unknown dates, team building is becoming increasingly popular among strong companies.

Timbilding used as a means of establishing and developing a sense of collaboration among colleagues for developing a feeling of belonging to the company, as well as mutual trust among all employees irrespective of the position in which they work.

The literal translation of the English word “team building” would be to “create a team,” explains a nutshell as a set of educational and recreational or fun and recreational activities aimed at creating a team or strengthening and improving interpersonal relationships in the present in order to achieve common goals.

This is often done using incentive programs, adventure travel, and games, which can be a confidence-building games, developing team spirit, raising the adrenaline, and many other outdoor games, but can also be a play on the inside, such as: activities in the pools, wellness activities, evening activities …

If you want to give yourself and your employees treat something special, something that will be remembered, and that your team is even stronger and more unified Wellness Saruna offers you different types of team building.



Saruna also organizes various kinds of events like girl and bachelor parties, anniversary celebrations. For all your special occasions please feel free to contact us.