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Life management  

We will help you to beat yourself.
Life management program is intended for business people who want to push the boundaries, transcend yourself and still achieve a step above the maximum. The program involves an active break during working hours, which is recommended after 5 hours of intensive work.
The program is administered five times a week, only on working days and consists of three active training and two days relax (Spa and massage).


Health Quarantine

Health Quarantine is the beginning of a new way of life.
This program is designed for people who for whatever reason came to a situation that in the context of everyday life can not be overcome. Such status of their generally as emotional and physical character, and at the same time lead to obesity, depression, and irritability.

Health Quarantine program is achieved by:
• A full physical and mental recovery, changes in body composition:
• The combustion of excess fat
• Increasing the basal metabolic rate
• Raising the level of water in the body
• Quickly raising energy
• Cancellation of stress and depression