“Our family comes every day in the Wellness Club Saruna. The staff is very friendly and totally dedicated to our guests, so we feel like home. Great atmosphere and professionalism in the first place is something for which we will continue to socialize for many more years. ”

Jovana Mišković

“I want to commend the extraordinary dedication of the entire team that Saruna is the best way to care for their clients. The quality of services provided is Saruna Wellness at the highest level. Kindness of staff may envy the world’s largest Wellness & Spa centers. ”

Bogdan Obradović, head coach tennis team of Serbia

“Fantastic atmosphere, the ideal environment, full content! But of all the above, I would point out professional staff. A true example of service activities. Kind, helpful, cheerful. Everything is sophisticated and tastefully. Warm and sincere recommendations for all who carry the idea to start a healthier lifestyle. ”

Jovan Memedović, leader and researcher

“The atmosphere is wonderful. Everything is on a professional level, neat and clean, the staff is extremely friendly. Salt room with beautiful stalactites. Fitness offer is phenomenal and worldwide. I love your pool with salt water, which has hydromassage form. Heartily recommend Wellness Club Saruna. ”

Ivana Zarić, head

“The staff was more than pleasant, and you absolutely devote enough time, no matter how many questions you have. They are interested to inform you and answer all your questions to help clients be more satisfied and to contribute to a positive experience. Clubs look great offer is excellent. ”

Kiki Lesendrić, musician

“Definitely recommend this place because it offers a nice, special feeling that Belgrade long forgotten, and that is the feeling that you are in a city that has a soul, culture and the city that continues to offer the possibility that at least a few hours you are isolated from the everyday commercial and all those unwanted elements and persona, which unfortunately also sometimes Beograd forests provide. ”

Zdravko Čolić, musician

“Your most valuable resource are worthy, good people and smiling which is rare today, you will agree. Lovely staff, friendly, easy, friendly. I feel at home, like good Serbian hosts in Serbia as it should be in every respect, in Serbia that deserves such services and such a picture of yourself. Surely you are the best at this time, continue to invest in people to follow while new tendencies, or save and Serbian part of our tradition packed in its wellness center. ”

Dr Zoran Krivokapić

“Wellness Saruna constantly strives to exceed the expectations of its customers and in this and succeeding. All praise to the very friendly staff. Offer the club phenomenal, the feeling within the team is better than in my own home. Candid recommendations for people who seek life with less stress and worries. ”

Dr Vladimir Đukić